Time to unblock perfectionism

May 06, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, despite low activity over here, I have no less than 8 drafts for posts started, yet it feels like none of those are close to being finished. It feels like if an idea is incomplete, why share it?

I started this little corner of the internet to write, for I enjoy it. To explore ideas and see where the text leads them. Yet every post I delivered so far was to some extent a refinement of what I had already known. A statement of what I believed to be a finished nugget of knowledge, not something I was actively learning by writing.

And then along came one of my best friends to write a post which got him on the first page of hacker news, reaching a milestone on his journey. And we talked, and we bashed ideas about popular posts, and personal posts, and how they get shared... And somehow, this guy knows how to wind up my internal clockwork engine, and knows how to make me do things.

Roland, yes! I am up for the challenge! 100 days of daily posts? The game is on! Time to not be a perfectionist for a change and just explore. I have no clue if I'll last 100 days, but there's really nothing to lose, is there... or are we making some sort of bet that I didn't know about?

See you around everyone! Soon, with comments :) - hopefully this weekend as they still need some styling.