Post-rock memories

May 13, 2020

Many people I know experience a strong persistent sense of everlasting. It could be directed towards a relationship, or a particular activity. I still feel that towards programming for example, and I feel I am sure programming will be my life forever. Yet, do you remember how many such feelings have faded over time and their object was lost to time?

I don't even remember them all. I've lost many of my convictions within the veil of time. I can remember one though... My once only love. Post-rock.

I still love it, but it is no longer the end all, be all, ultimate form of music. I entrenched myself deep within post-rock rhythms and riffs at a time when it felt I was exploring music. I had found my perfect temple while everything else turned into a simple, yet still enjoyable ballroom. There was a clear knowledge that this will always define what I will listen to.

Time has passed, and strangely, the tracks I listen to on repeat right now have moved away from my once undisturbed field of familiar soundscapes. I've ventured into ambient, psychedelic genres, world music, EDM, synthwave, unexpected mixtures of genres, and I've even dipped my feet within waters of noise exploration, algorave and microtonal tunes. We'll get there eventually, there will be some journeys for you, avid reader, to travel on!

Today however, I thought I'd have a look at my past with post-rock. So, let's dive straight in! These are all tracks which built a little nest for themselves within in my past.

God is an Astronaut - All is Violent, All is Bright

I still think it's probably the most representative track of the genre, and it was certainly my way in. The first song that blew me away. Pure progression.

There's always a bit of melancholy as I listen to it, slowly building up until 3:11 kicks it into overdrive and into the present.

Russian Circles - Harper Lewis

I don't think I moved away from God is an Astronaut into other bands for several weeks, but among the first was Russian Circles. GiaA is very rarely aggressive, unlike RC. Although still very approachable the trance often feels like it's headed towards war.

ISIS - So Did We

It wasn't long until I would fall off the deep end and land into post-metal. Darker tunes are ahead, beware for growling.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - East Hastings

Most of post-rock tends to follow a progressive structure. GY!BE was my first venture into a deep quest for strange musical structure. All of a sudden tracks take over 20 minutes as songs are no longer melodies but complex journeys.

The Evpatoria Report - Taijin Kyofusho

Using recordings from the Apollo missions, for me this song somehow defines what leaving the atmosphere would feel like. There are a few songs I think of when I imagine a journey into space, and if I were ever on a rocket, this would probably be the background soundtrack.

65daysofstatic - Radio Protector

At the time I discovered 65dos, it felt like a high energy, but rather standard post-rock band working out of a garage. This song is representative of that. Little did I know they'd become my favorites after I'd have discovered their experiments into algorave and exploration of pure noise.

pg.lost - Terrain

It took years until I went to a post-rock concert. It happened to be pg.lost. It was glorious. Intense. Volatile.

Sigur Rós - Starálfur

I don't think I can look into my past and omit Sigur Rós. It's hard to describe their dreamy music. Best I can tell you, is I associate their music with watching rainbows.

Helios - Bless This Morning Year

Just, close your eyes and breathe. This song always brings me closer to my own being and more at peace.

April Rain - Deadman On Vacation

April Rain came in at a great time and turned into my commute music for several months. I started listening to this together with a friend. April Rain, along with Saltillo and Leech always remind me of that person. Names shall not be given.

This Will Destroy You - Ritual

Hard to classify this one as post-rock, it's much closer to dark ambient. I found it within post rock playlists. I've also first heard it in while passing through a cemetery, and somehow I always remember that uneventful and actually quiet walk between tombstones when I hear this.

This one only really works with decent bass within your sound. Most of the track is in the lows, with very very sparse mids and highs.

And there are many many more...

And all I can do is leave you with a brief collection of my journey thus far. Enjoy!