An unexpected ride

May 18, 2020

There are two types of people in this world who make the world turn. Those who say "let's do this thing!" and those who say "hell yeah, I agree". Today, as it happened, I was in the latter group while an unexpected call to adventure arrived.

I had actually just sat down, and started writing. Seven whole typed words later a phone call arrives from none other than Zozo, my work mate. Dozens of thoughts rushed through my mind, but most started with "crap, did I break that?". However, his voice was enthusiastic, and maybe a bit scary: "Cătă, are you doing anything right now"? "No... not really..." I replied. "Up for a bike ride?" "Hell yeah! haven't done one in a looooong time." And thus, my blog writing evening vanished as I rushed to grab some pants suitable for the outdoors, a bottle of water, and some shoes. Half a minute later I was downstairs ready to go.

It was a calm and refreshing ride. It was obvious my bike's not in the best shape from based on the screeches of pain coming from the drive train. The chain definitely needs some love and greasing, but who cares... I hadn't moved properly in a few months, and I was not going to let some squeaky noise deter me.

We headed North across the town and exited past the industrial district. Nice, flat paved road for about an hour and a half and just under 30 km, nothing fancy . We slowed down every once in a while for a bit of banter and good chat, but otherwise we rode surrounded by the peaceful sound of wind, and the cadence of the cars passing by.

It was not strange to see cars roaming the streets again to be honest. Yet I did miss them. Welcome back light traffic!

The ride was otherwise uneventful, but it didn't have to be. Most adventures don't end up splashy. But for them to become as such, I will continue to welcome them when opportunities arrive.