A new beginning

Feb 08, 2020

I won't lie. I've been here before. This is my 3rd attempt. 3rd time's the charm, right? My 3rd blog begins!

It feels right to talk about the previous ones. It is time to look into the past, and see where I began, to pave the way for the future.

First, it was high school. The young Cătălin (myself) was high on games and game design, and ranting about tech. A blog was made, which often featured one of my best friends, Roland (unlike myself, he managed to keep a respectable blog and it is your duty to head out and read some of the cool stuff he writes, mostly tech, board games, reviews and his life). It was a time of reviews, but mostly of horrible writing and inappropriate bashing. I am disappointed it faded away from my habits and memory.

The second, was an attempt about 1-2 years ago to restart blogging. This time, I had some ideas, but I focused way too damn much on the tech of making a blog happen, instead of the writing. And I quickly lost interest.

The third, is now. And I'm glad to have you with me on another little road trip. One to cover personal stories, experiences, reviews, tutorials, thoughts and ideas. But more importantly... A place to practice some writing, and breathe.

Why Laser at Rest?

The Laserbeam moniker is one I've incorporated long ago into my online identity. And I'm not about to drop it now. However, even high energy lasers need a place to take a break and meditate on life. This is that place.

PS. Photo by clarObscura.