100 Days to Offload

May 21, 2020

It is day number 16 since Roland challenged me to partake in this little quest. It is also article number 14. Whatever happens forward this challenge has been a success and has given me the much needed push to write. Yet, 1 a day will not continue for much longer...

I don't think I ever believed I would write once a day for 100 days. Even just thinking about that sounds pretty absurd. I took the challenge as a boost to motivate me to finish my drafts and publish them, and to build a habit. Half a month later and I now really want to write things. I don't want to go to sleep before having gone through my ideas and refined them, and it feels absolutely great.

When I first took this domain, I thought I'd publish once every 2 weeks, or maybe once a week if lucky. One a day felt impossible. I look back over these few days and I can't believe how wrong I was, especially since this new little hobby has mostly cut into procrastination time.

Running out of ideas doesn't seem to be an issue. The number of drafts in queue have been going down, all the while the number of titles is actually growing. Considering I was somewhat worried about running dry, I must say, I'm optimistic ideas are not as rare as I once thought.

On the other hand, the single day requirement surrounds the writing with a heavy cloud of pressure which sometimes makes me rush to publish. I talked about the way conspiracies can go viral without intent the other day, because is a small enough idea to compress within a few paragraphs. However, if I want to do the idea full justice, it feels like I'd have to research on a few conspiracies, as well as discuss sensemaking. Both aspects would require significant time, especially the latter which is a very promising concept, but quite new to me.

There is one aspect of the challenge I didn't do: fully advertise it. I did not include hashtags every time, and number the posts accordingly. I also didn't include this site in the official challenge blogroll along with the other official 60 or so participants. I hope you, my dear readers, wouldn't mind. This is a minimal home online which avoids gamification if at all possible. I don't observe stats, I don't know how many people actually join here to read, and with that in mind, it felt inappropriate to link to the "official" website for every post.

Right now, writing feels great! And I'm glad I accepted the challenge. My own personal goal has been met, but the arbitrary once a day quota will probably slow down a bit, and the true challenge begins. Writing consistently over a long period of time. I'll now stop the sprint and start the marathon.